Naked Tan

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Nurturing the Goddess within

nt imgCouture:

Wear loose, dark coloured casual clothing. Cotton fabric is the best choice. Remember to wear a dark g-string or bikini bottom.

The Night Before:

Anticipate a timeless tan with a ritual pampering:

Gently exfoliate your whole body from manicured fingers, to pedicured toes using heavenly handfuls of Naked Tan Mother of Pearl Body Polish. Remember to pay special attention to knees, elbows and ankles.
Lavish yourself with Naked Tan Crème de la Crème to hydrate and prepare your body for the perfect tan. Drift off to sleep feeling pure and adored, wrapped in the scent of botanical coconut and vanilla...
In the morning, ensure your beautiful and rested body remains completely free of deodorants, and perfumes.
Brave and adventurous Goddesses revel in their raw beauty by attending tanning sessions without make up...

After the Event:

Naked Tan suggests that by following these recommendations and using our Organic Goddess Body Care range a perfectly bronzed body can be maintained for up to 14 days.

Your Naked Tan experience includes the luxury of waiting only 2 hours - not 8 - for the tan solution to be showered off. Naked Tan Goddess' don't do the dishes or strenuously exercise in the initial 2-hour developing time. So simply relax, and let the magic envelop your fabulous form...

Your gorgeous Naked Tan continues to deepen and darken long after you have showered in fact, for up to 12 hours. That's the true luxury of quality ingredients! While your skin is nourished and moisturised with an infusion of pure botanical ingredients, a natural tan is rapidly achieved. So you can happily accept that impromptu invitation tonight, because with Naked Tan getting ready is about deciding what to wear - not waiting around to wash off

Lather yourself daily in Naked Tan Organic Body Cleanser. Being SLS free and containing no harsh chemicals, you'll wash away the day - and not your Naked Tan!

Morning and night hydrate and nourish your skin with Naked Tan Crème de la crème. Made from organic African shea butter blended with certified organic oils, silk amino and calendula. Feel divine and luxuriate with the enchanting aroma of Naked Tan Crème de la Crème. Experience the silky softness that gives a longer lasting gorgeous tan.

Botanical based Naked Tan is your 2 hour secret to timeless Goddess style!

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